SMXPress Messaging


Messages can be sent to a single recipient, or to thousands, in one batch ensuring instant communication to clients, suppliers, staff, etc.

A single SMS batch can be channelled through multiple SMS gateways. This allows for lowest cost routing and provides a failsafe in case any gateway goes offline.


Delivery Submission Methods

Delivery Submission Methods

SMXpress allows you to send messages from your existing applications (website, business software, MS Outlook, delivery processing suites, membership databases, and many more).

Messages can be sent to the SMXpress engine via any of the following methods:

  • FTP
  • Email
  • Web Service
  • Web Interface (using our API)
  • Cell phone

Recipient groups may be set up to enable sending to all members in a group by adding a keyword to an outgoing SMS. In this way you may reach hundreds of recipients by sending one SMS through SMXpress.