SMXPress Messaging

Pricing for Mobile Menu Application

10 December 2014


SMXpress offers custom incoming numbers to clients (accounts), allowing callers to access client content via Mobile Menu calls. An incoming number will be in the format *120*878*1234# or *120*1234# (see note under Monthly Fee) where 1234 is unique to the client.

An account may have more than one incoming number and each incoming number is linked to a setup, or application, such as voting, ordering, polling and many more.


SMXpress Mobile Menu accounts incur a once off setup fee of R1000 per application. Multiple applications of the same type (eg many calendars) purchased at the same time are charged at much reduced rates, depending on the type of application.

Monthly Fee

Monthly billing is calculated by activity level, based on a quarterly (three month) running average of incoming call volumes (sessions). There are currently 6 levels:

Level Incoming calls
(sessions) per month
Charge per month ex vat
1 0 - 100 R 0-00
2 101 - 500 R 200-00
3 501 - 1 000 R 500-00
4 1 001 - 10 000 R 1 000-00
5 10 001 - 100 000 R 5 000-00
6 100 000 and more R 8 000-00

  • Clients are billed within the first 3 days of each month in advance for that month, to be settled within 7 days
  • The value of an invoice will be based on the average monthly usage history over the previous quarter.
  • This level will be fixed for a quarter regardless of individual monthly usage during said quarter.
  • All clients will be started level 1. Billing for the remainder of the quarter in which an account is opened will therefore happen at the lowest level.
  • The first month with SMXpress is always free.
  • Quarters start on the first of January, April, July and October.

  • Numbers in the short format *120*1234# incur a subscription cost from our clients directly to the service providers over and above the monthly fee with SMXpress. The cost depends on the service provider.
  • A session can comprise of 1 to several response cycles between subscriber and your application, you are charged for only one response per session.
  • Callers are typically charged 20c per 20 seconds by carriers. There is an option to reverse charges, but this incurs cost to the client (you) for the service as well as for the caller fee .
  • For intermittent usage a special arrangement may be made to exclude payments for months in which no traffic is generated. This will be subject to fair usage principles.