SMXPress Messaging

Features of Mobile Menu Application

All cellular networks offer a service that allows phones to perform two way transactions with a server across the cell phone network. Examples of uses of this often overlooked feature are Please call me, Balance Enquiry and Airtime Recharge. Typically the service is used by dialling a number like *123*456#

This service is called USSD.

It is character (text) based, uses ordinary airtime and requires no additional setup to work.

Although it is a direct network service, simple, flexible and available to all cell phone users, its simplicity poses limitations and therefore requires special development to make it do useful work for any specific application.

SMXpress has developed a server application that allows our clients to setup any of a variety of services quickly and cheaply.

Anyone with any cell phone can call a number allocated to a service belonging to our clients, and start a useful transaction, such as

  • Enquiries
  • Voting
  • Competition
  • Logging or registering information
  • Ordering